You do not have to dial the phone anymore. Google Duplex is doing it for you


At the end of the week you want to cut the hair, you have to buy the appointment on your phone call and take the appointment. This is the scene. What will you do?

  • You have to take the mobile
  • You have to remember the name of the barber shop that you usually go
  • Then scroll up and search for a saloon capacitor number and dial
  • Who do you want to come to, how many times do you want to go, hair or shaving? Keep talking about this and get an appointment

Is the fourth step? known as a dirt? Do not worry anymore, for others on your behalf to dialogue on the desktop with Google Duplex

Google’s Artificial Intelligence Software – Duplex

Various leading companies in the world are investing in artificial intelligence. The purpose of artificial intelligence is to create a system of thinking and acting like the human brain. As part of it, Google has introduced its DBL, its artificial intelligence software.

Whatever the services you need, the Google talker will provide information about the service to those service providers on your behalf. Next week, at seven o’clock, you want to go to a restaurant with four friends for a restaurant. Would you like to know that you should keep the food in advance. Just say a little bit to tell the Duplex software to voice the command. Google Duplex gives you all the information you need to talk to the restaurant on your behalf.

Google is planning to release this software on a trial basis.


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