WhatsApp built for private messaging only no more broadcast


Today is the WhatsApp processor, which is a popular SMS application that many smartphone users use today. Watts was created entirely for personalized SMS services. WhatsApp firm Made Jonas has made a definitive announcement at the event held in Delhi as “WhatsApp Update”

No more broadcast

In India, WhatsApp continues to undertake various measures in accordance with Indian Government’s request to restrict Operations, Forward messages and other applications, following the violence and murders in various locations in India with fake news and information dissemination.
This app was created only for “personal conservations”. 90% of all the messages sent to you are one-to-one. He added that there is a group of up to 256 people who are grouped with just 10 persons, although the group is limited.

We did not create this process for Public Conversation. He has categorically stated that VatsApp does not have a mega phone. We have spoken to many party organizations and have confirmed our position.

That means that our company designer does not act as a Broadcast platform, says Walsh Communications Chairman Carl Wook.

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