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In a mobile phone application, an information note says that 90% of smart phones are used. Smart phones are being designed and released by all the phone manufacturers and a number of people used to maintain their location on the mobile phone market. Interested buyers are eager to use Watts Up, Facebook, E-Mail, and YouTube. Although many more features, the ability to change our usability in the smart phone is not well known. Here are some of them

Lost Android

With this application, you can learn from where the phone is stolen or lost if it’s lost. Go here to download this application. When it is posted on the phone, we have to give information about ourselves. But when the mobile number is heard, we need to give the phone number of our close friend or relative, not the number of our phone. Then, the information about where the lost phone is running, sms. In the message, that phone will come.

Battery defender

This processor, in the mobile phone in Android, stops unnecessary running applications. When we do not use the phone, the battery power of the phone is protected by stopping the applications running. To get it, go to the website at here


Installing this processor on the phone can make calls through. Send messages. Photo and video files can be shared and shared. But you should be able to keep track of the phone and send it to the phone. Go here to get it

Olive Office Premium

This processor helps to read files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint on Android phone. Pdf. You can also read the files. To get this process you have to go to the website address here

App to SD Free

In our Android phone, there is no place to unlock new application programs, micro SD on the phone This processor helps in applying the applications in the card. To get this information you need to go here

The above points are a few essential tasks. There are some more. You can search for yourself when you need them. Below, the tips for preventing the power of the Android phone’s battery are wasted.

Auto adjust screen

On your Android phone, go to Settings> My Device. If you go down to the Display section available here, you can find a tool called Auto adjust screen tone. This tool, which displays the image on the screen, reduces the illumination and removes the battery power. Generally, the visual effect of the screen plays a major role in rapidly evacuating battery capacity. Realizing this, you can reduce the illumination of the brightness that you do not need as much as possible.

Screen time out

Considering the screenshot, if the screen display of your phone is set for a very short period of time, it will disappear if the phone does not work at that time. But it will irritate us at times. Because we will again call it a password / system or coding number to run it. But if you’re using this screen for 2 minutes and you’re using the screen for 30 seconds, it means you’re wasting energy screen for 90 seconds. If you waste 20 times this screen, in 30 minutes a day you wasting the screen display time. As a result, the battery capacity is wasted greatly. Therefore, the screen timer can be set as low as possible to set as low as possible

Unused features

We will have a number of functions that we do not use. For example, auto-rotate, gestures, smart scrolling, ambient display, and NFC. Most of us will not use any of these. Therefore, if the movement is stopped, power will be stored in large quantities. When needed, the driver can stop rebooting once the use is complete. It also applies to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. Specifically, if the internet is always in operation, we can keep Wi-Fi activity on our phone. But, as you go out, you can not run it. So, let’s put it off. Similarly, stopping the Bluetooth operation from outside will not only save energy but also prevent unnecessary penetration


Do we need a small amount of vibration called vibrushan on the phone? When the call is received, the call sound will be heard. Then what’s the vibration. Similarly, need for vibration when pressing keys? This vibration takes up the power of the battery. So if you do not need it, you can stop the movement. Settings | Go to Sound, where in the Vibrations section, the Vibrate when ringing can be taken by the tick mark. Below, you can find ways to stop unwanted sound and vibration when key presses

Do not disturb

While we go to sleep at night, you can use this Do Not Disturb tool. If it is executed, no notifications will be shown for a period of time. There will be no sound wave. It extends the battery life, and ensures your sleep, and extends your lifetime.

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