Ultimate Guide for safe online shopping


We can not buy an item online at this time. The Internet has become so in our lives. You will use the internet banking service and pay any fees. And of course you will be connected to your friends via the internet.Everyone has to agree that the Internet is important.But buying the goods through the Internet should be very careful. Every day the number of people who are cheated by the internet is growing. So let’s see how to buy securely on the Internet

Your thoughts

Asks for credit card details on your debit card. Websites that ask you are often cheated by your personal details. These samples are designed to deceive websites. You can not afford any products. Your personal details All the debit card credit card details are stolen.

Mobile browsing

Most people view the Internet through the mobile and buy the products. They do not have any antivirus on their handset. The question is how safe their mobile phone is. It’s hard to find that the shortlink is real or false as it is easily shared in social networks.

Public WiFi

Most of us use Wi-Fi in public places. We will use it without knowing what a danger it is. Some of the more popular online purchases are public access (public Wi-Fi)
If you use that variable, all your things will be hacked like Password, Username, Photos, Videos, Data etc. Useful when using public access (Public Wi-Fi).


Keep your password constantly changing. It is also important that you do not use the same password for each online account. Another can avoid using your account to buy products.

Check your statements twice

Keep track of your credit card debit card details. If someone bought your cards using your card you could learn it and block the card


If you go to the website on your website it is a safe web site.Your information will be encrypted, so you can buy securities using your debit and credit card. Or avoiding payments on the Internet and buy with COD (cash on delivery).


Save your money in various ways online shopping For example price filter can be used, Coupon,

Use multiple e-mail ids, Clear browsing history, Download apps of shopping websites,

Cashback Websites Let’s see how to buy items at low prices in the next post


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