Information about three million Facebook users were leaked – New Scientist Journal Report


Cambridge analysis, a company that stolen data from 87 million Facebook users and shared with their customers has created a stir in the internet. Cambridge Analytics company has stirred up the election results of India and the United States, including stolen information. The New Syndicate Science and Technology newsletter has reported that three million Facebook users have been leaked again before the controversy is completed. Cambridge is the seventh match for Facebook and the company, and another giant is from Cambridge University.

Cambridge University researchers ignored

The information about three million Facebook users for a Project Project was obtained from the MyPersonaliy app by the processor. Data collected by GitHub researchers have retained the data collected. They came up with the name and password and protected it.

In this case, some of the students were given a password for the GitHub site account to use the data. Four years after this, the students have explicitly announced the beneficiary name and password of the site. This allows the user to get information on Facebook users who can enter the GitHub site with that password. The New Syndicate report says that the Facebook user’s password can also be understood.

Application will be completely banned, “he said.

Facebook has uncovered about 200 applications which have been used to misuse beneficiary information. It also monitors the functions of other processors that are connected to Facebook.

Cambridge University, Psychometrics Center and researcher Alexander Cogan did not answer the question about this information leak.

‘Many of the processes are connected to us, and it takes a lot of time to investigate everything. We will invest a lot to protect beneficiary information. We will definitely create a better framework, “said Facebook Vice President Emma Arichopong.


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