How to send money through WhatsApp


You can send money through WhatsApp

The WhatsApp Payments feature is based on UPI based on the UPI. The UPI is a cash transfer service that allows easy cash transfer using smartphone between two banks. It was used by beta users at VATS. Now everyone can use it

1) How to add your bank account in whatsapp payments?
2) How to send and receive money using whatsapp payment? Let’s see

How To Add Your Bank Account to Whatsapp Payment?

  • Open the WhatsApp application
  • Click the three points above the right
  • Click Settings now
  • Now let’s click on Payment option
  • When you’re on the next page, read “ACCEPT AND CONTINUE” and then click on
  • Click on the VERIFY VIA SMS “next to the verification of your phone number via SMS.
  • Now your full variation will be completed once the SMS is sent from your phone
  • Now the name of all the bank that UPI supports
  • Once your bank is selected, your bank name and the last four digits of your bank account will come.
  • If you have two accounts in the same bank branch, two accounts will be displayed on your mobile screen and then choose one
  • After completing all this, you will see your set complete on the screen

How to send and receive money using Whatsapp Payment

The best feature of Whatsapp is that you can also send money to your friends via group and private money

How to send money

  • Whom do you want to send money to their individ chat open
  • Click on the “Clip” icon below and click on “Payment” option and click on it.
  • Now give the money you want to send and click on the Send button
  • If you send money to them, they should have their bank account linked to the whatsapp payments so that you can only send money if you have connected.
  • After clicking the Send button the four target UPI will be asked for
  • Your money will be sent back after the four target UPI
  • The sms will come from your bank to ensure the transfer of money.

Sending money to the group is similarly similar to who can send you money and send money.

How to receive money

If someone sends you money through Whatsapp Payment, Whatsapp sends you a message, then you can check their bank account number.

This Payment Option is not limited to Whatsapp For all, you have to register if you have or not, and if you have this whatsapp payment option then your friend or someone else needs to invite you.


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