How to hajck pubg mobile with game gurdian without root


Hello guys in this article I’m going to show you how to hjack pubg mobile without root. those who are looking for the best ways and methods to hajck PUBG mobile game using Game Guardian or any other tool must follow our guides. You can easily tweak the battle points, coins as well as many other objects using these tools.

Well, a real gamer doesn’t need any hacking tools to play the game. Now if you’re among those real gamers than I think you don’t need any game hacking tools or modded apps to play PUBG Mobile game. However, if you still want to hajck PUBG Mobile using Game Guardian then you must follow our guidelines carefully

How it’s possible to cheat pubg?

Of course you can cheat in PUBG Mobile using mods, such as Aimbots, improved aim assists, wallhacks to see enemies through walls, macros, and many other cheating apps or modded game apps without getting banned Apart from this, there are still no hacks or online tweaking tools available for improving Battle Points, Crates, Items, God Mode and much more. Moreover, PUBG Mobile is an online action multiplayer shooting game which saves your game and ranking on its game servers which belong to Tencent Games and cannot be modded in any way. If any of us facing crashing error in PUBG Mobile Game

Cheating pubg is legal?

No , cheating pubg is ilegal and Using simple game cheating tools on PUBG Mobile is usually not recommended, and it can even damage your device. Apps like Game Guardian, Lucky Patcher, Freedom APK and many other popular game hacking apps can get you to ban from the game.


  • Game gurdian apk
  • Strange VPN
  • Veteran apk
  • Anti ban host (saves you from getting ban)
  • Script lua

How to get started;

  • Download and install game gurdian apk in your device Now those who are looking for the ways to install Game Guardian can follow up just like how you usually install any third party app by enabling unknown sources in general settings of your device.

Download game gurdian

  • Download and install strange VPN, this VPN allow you to upload private host online and we are going to upload the anti ban host file in this VPN so we are don’t worry about getting Banned.
    Download strange vpn
  • Download and install veteran app in your Android device this veteran app let u run or clone multiple apps in same device. For those who don’t have rooted Android phone I recommend you to use this app because this app is pre rooted and you also can install some of exposed modules.

Download veteran apk

  • Download the anti ban host file in your sd card this anti ban host file you can host it with strange VPN if you don’t want to getting Banned

Download anti ban host

  • Download script lua in your sd card. This is main script have many features not only wall hajck. This script we are going upload it with game gurdian. I always recommend to use only wall hajck and colors Change to avoid getting Banned.

Download script lua

Let’s cheat in pubg;

  1. After successful install strange VPN. Just open it and select the anti ban host file that u have downloaded and click ok connect with server.
  2. Open veteran app and u have to clone two apps 1 (pubg game), 2(Game gurdian). This step is recommended for non Rooted Android.
  3. Once the the installation and clone process is completed open the Game Guardian app and minimize it and then run the PUBG mobile game.
  4. After the game is completely loaded, tap on the menu option Game Guardian icon and tap on the and after that click on the execute script
  5. Locate the folder where you’ve saved the PUBG Mobile.lua script and then tap on Execute.
  6. After that, the game reloads, and you’ve to tap on the Game Guardian icon and select the option new bypass
  7. Script reloads again in the game, and you can select the different hacks as well. Suppose if you need to perform Wallhack, then you’ve to choose the Wallhack menu and then under that you can select different options.

That’s all… now you are ready to rock and if you still don’t understand how to do it then watch the video Tutorial below or write a comment regarding this below then I will try to help u as soon as I have time.



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