How to earn money from Google opinion rewards


Hello guys, in this article I’m going to show you how to earn money by answering simple surveys from Google opinion rewards in Android. The google opinion rewards system launched in India and more countries by answering some simple surveys and reward credits can be redeem in google play store . Google opinion rewards can give you 5 to 10 inr for per survey.

How it works?

How to earn?

To earn credits from Google opinion rewards application you just have to answer some simple questions which were asked in survey, Google will offer you a survey according to your location and your recent activities, is survey might contain about 7 to 8 questions, they will never ask you about your personal information you only have to gave your opinion regarding there services and products.

Be honest

Google uses your answers to improve its services or passes on your responses to companies looking for your opinion on their services. Lying or being dishonest defeats the purpose and Google’s algorithms can easily figure out inconsistencies and fallacies. Try to be as honest as possible to increase your earning; being inconsistent and false will reduce your chances of getting more surveys.

Open opinion rewards everyday

Google is very responsive. And google will know your interested and send you a Sergey based on it .These credits are valid for a year, meaning you can accumulate them and buy that app you have been eyeing all along as soon as you have earned enough credit. Many installs, Google Opinion Rewards is a better way of making easy money and scoring cool new Android apps for free.

Turn on GPS location

When you are out and about in your city, keep your GPS on as Google sometimes sends you questions based on where you are. If you are in a mall, or a restaurant, Google might ask you questions about the store or restaurant. If you are the type of person who loves mall-hopping and eating out in different restaurants, you can expect to receive more surveys to answer

My opinion about this app

Iam using this application since last 7 months and I would say it is really a good app from Google. The concept is pretty simple, the app will ask you some questions in a survey and you have to choose the correct options for which you will get rewards which you can use as a google play credits for the paid application in play store.Here it should be noted that you cannot convert the rewards to the money, you can only use it for applications, books and for other different stuff.Frequency of survey: On an average 2 surveys in a week which will give you around 15 rupees as rewards as I know only two languages.You can earn more if you know more than two languages.

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