Hey guys what’s up? In this article we will see how to download and install latest version of GB WhatsApp from official site.

What is GB WhatsApp?

Many peoples Still don’t know what is GB WhatsApp so today I’m going to tell u what is GB WhatsApp and how to install it.GB WhatsApp is not original as in the play store, but it’s a build in mod one. Modded by Gbmods Atnfas Hoak., this WhatsApp has countless new features and helps you customize your WhatsApp. In original WhatsApp, you cannot add any themes or colors but in this GB WhatsApp you can add custom themes as many as you want and many more features I will list all the features of GB WhatsApp below ok , you don’t need to uninstall your original WhatsApp and this WhatsApp run alongside original WhatsApp without any troubles and it’s safe to use as original WhatsApp..ok let’s see about features below.

GB WhatsApp Features;

  • Ability to hide impressions
  • More privacy options
  • Can send group messages
  • Hide any conversation and protect
  • Auto reply you can Auto reply any messages when you re busy doing work
  • You can see deleted messages from it’s log files
  • You can upload more then 30 seconds Video status
  • You can sheduled message and send it in fixed time
  • You can restore any messages after accidentally deleted
  • You can send message anyone without saving number in your contact
  • You can know who visited your profile
  • You can lock your WhatsApp and conversation with password protection
  • Send any bigger files up to 100 mb
  • You can add any custom themes and colors
  • You get notified when your friend is online
  • You can know whenever your friends online from it’s log
  • Get stickers features
  • You can add more custom imoji
  • You can activate conference call features
  • You can run two what’s app at the same device and Same time

Many more features…..

How to install?

Download GB WhatsApp lastest version download link Given Below in end of article

  • Make sure you back up your chats history and media from your original
  • WhatsApp
  • Download and install GB WhatsApp from the link Given Below..
  • After installation, just open the WhatsApp and put your phone number
  • You will receive confirmation code in your phone
  • And enter your confirmation code
  • Then it will ask u if u have backup
  • Just click on restore and it’s will restore your all Chat history from your original WhatsApp
  • Now set up everything and enjoy your new GB WhatsApp Features.

Download GB WhatsApp : here


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