Add New Features or Modify What’s app Using Lucky Patcher


Hello friends my name is John and in this article I’m going to explain how to add more features or Modify any of your apps. And here I’m mention how to modify what’s app so read this carefully…As we all know about the Lucky Patcher, it is a very amazing tool to crack android applications and enhance the capabilities of your phone. It cracks your apps and does fantastic things for you. So, you are surely going to enjoy the amazing options it is going to provide you for sure. You can remove license verification and also advertisements from many applications and that too free of cost. The best part about the Lucky Patcher is that it is absolutely free of cost. And that’s why today we are going to see How to use Lucky Patcher on Android. So, let’s check this out.

First thing you need a

Rooted Android phone..

To root your Android device I have another article . I that article I mentioned how to root 90% of Android phones in basic way..

Download lucky patcher

Download link Given in the end of article..

Launch lucky patcher;

After getting root access in your device, you have to launch the Lucky Patcher application. As soon as you open it, a list of all the applications in your Android smartphones will appear in front of you

Choose what’s app;

Now, you have to tap on the WhatsApp or any other applications which you want to modify..

Menu of patches;

After tap on the WhatsApp, u have to click on the option which called menu of patches

Choose your options;

You could see there is a lot of pre modifications such us ad removal and hide online status, and many more inspired features. Now u have to select which modifications you want…

Patch now

After choosing your desired modifications, there is a option which called patch. Now u have to click on Patch and wait for few minutes till it finished….
And once it is done successfully, it appears on the screen of your smartphone with the result. That’s all, and this is the way to use Lucky Patcher on Android..

Download lucky patcher : here


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