If you ask a app that is used by most people in this world, it’s WhatsApp. This apple is being used more than a billion people in the world, with only about 250 million people in India. One can keep a personal ringtone for the messages. Let’s talk about video using your data less. This is where you have to know what you need to know

To know who read the message you sent to your group

  • If you press the message you sent in a group that is in the group, the three points above the processor will appear. If you click on it, there will be another offense, INFO. If you click on it, your message has gone. You can find out who is reading it.


  • Each ring tone for each friend’s message
    This is one of the most appropriate tips to know who sent SMS messages without notification. Go to View Conduct and choose Custom Notification. You can keep your favorite ring tone for your friends

Star message 🌟

  • You can star in what’s important to you. Then you can watch Star Messages lined up when you need it. If you have a Long Press message that comes to you, a Star Offensive will appear. If it ticks it, it will be stacked

Mobile data

  • How to spend less on mobile data
    If you select the settings area, the Data and Storage Use Table will come. Information about the VATS date is below. When it’s tick, mobile data will cost less during the WhatsApp leg.

Search option

If you are looking for a particular mess in your chamber, first open the chat. Clicking the three points above will create a popup. There is a search in which the results appears. Click on it and get the search you need


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