5 Things to do when your phone fall into the water? Ultimate Guide


Hello my friends today I’m going to give 5 things to do if your phone fall into the water, Smartphone usage worldwide is very high, and now the smartphones come out with many technologies, although some smartphones can fall into the water and then use them.

Some smartphones come with Water Resistance, many smartphones are not available and it is very difficult to use those smartphones. While smartphone companies have vandalized their phones, the company will not be able to get the smartphones fallen into the water. So be careful when using smartphones.


The metal parts in which the smartphones fall off in saline water

Electronics parts are heavily damaged and therefore are minimal. The smartphones that fall prey can then be processed by a specific process.

Battery & Sim

The smartphone’s battery and sim card should be removed from the phone immediately. And the remove the parts same like the memory card Firstly.

Hair Dryer

The smartphone falling into the water should not be dried by a tool like a hair dryer, and then the size of the output will be much more affected by the smartphone.


For the charging port, it is good to wipe with clean clothes.

Clean cloth: Wipe the smartphone with clean cloth is good and it is good to use the cloth for a specific time. If you do not come to the phone for a time after the time you wipe it with the clothes, it is very difficult to use.

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